The 7 Steps of Story

Today, we've got a magic key to unlock the secrets of story-building.


Every story has 7 key steps, and we will return to this again and again. It's a great way for anyone to remember the basics of story structure. 

In our club, we've look at all the stories we'd heard so far and then played about by mixing the 7 steps up to make new, silly stories of our own.  

Another thing we did was turn the 7 steps into a dial with a spinner - or you can make 7 steps to jump on with cushions indoors or outdoors. You can even pick an object and see what different stories happen when you move it from being the story star to being the problem (which can be a baddie) or the solution!


Have fun!

7 story steps final infographic.png

(c) Gill Kirk 2018