What's Story Circle?

Story Circle is a mythology & folklore after-school club. Gill Kirk, scriptwriter*, adapts tales from all over the world and shares them with the children


She reads them, sometimes defends them, gets the children to talk about the themes, and helps them to come up with a creative response that suits them: drawing, making, feeling or talking!

Storytelling and story-listening are really important in helping us all in developing empathy, problem-solving, literacy and cultural understanding. It's also FUN! 

* Gill's scriptwriting self can be explored by adults at www.gillkirk.com. Her communications consultancy self (which is also all about narrative!) is at www.lyric-communications.com

all stories (c) Gill Kirk 2019
please get in touch if you'd like to use any: gill_kirk@lyric-communications.com
Story Circle is hosted by
Lyric Communications Ltd, 37 Great Pulteney St, Bath BA2 4DA
Registered in England and Wales: Company 549 8727
VAT Registration Number: 867 8004 95
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