We Are Story-Tellers!

STORY CIRCLE - Term 3, Week 3, Friday 11 May 2018

Look at the bottom of the page to see the children's story ...

Remember last week we heard about the three dolls - and how the story telling doll LOOKED like the scholar and the fool, but was very different?  The doll took in “everything” (the Sultan’s beard-hair), BUT when the hair came out - and not immediately - it was curly, different - it was changed! 


And do you remember how the real storyteller had big eyes, bigger ears and a small mouth? 


We also heard about the Muses - how artists and scientists believe the Muses in-spire ideas (breathe creative ideas into them), when they MUSE?  And how musing on something can be especially creative when we think our thing has gone wrong? That’s how we got Coke, post-it notes, play-doh and penicillin!


Last of all: do you remember how we played a game where I would point at you and you’d say just one word - just one - and when we heard them one after the other, they made a really funny story?


Well, today, we’re doing to mix all of those up and make a completely UNIQUE story of our own - together!


1. Let’s Think!


1. stories we like - 

What makes you laugh?. What bothers you? What surprises you?. what makes stories interesting?  Can all these things be used to make situations, places, events, discoveries, decisions and characters? YES!


2. Let’s scribble: interesting things from stories you enjoy - (white board)


places: woods, fields, cities, seas, boats, houses, castles, dens, clouds, vehicles, markets, rivers, nests


people: storytellers, fools, girls, boys, rich, poor, teddies, magicians, parents, teachers, friends, supernatural pets and people, natural objects come to life…


personality traits: kind, mean, happy, sad, hopeful, gloomy, encouraging, forgiving, thoughtful, imaginative, inventive, creative, bored, frightened, shy, generous, careful, clumsy


triggers (catalysts): a discovery, a map, a sound, a memory, an accident, a mistake, a misunderstanding, a dream, a wish, a regret, an invitation, a dare


3. Everyone is given a piece of paper with their name on it and a “thing” to muse on and create - and you’re working in pairs, helping each other:


JUNO: A good story star - SAM: A bad story star 

JOE: A nice place - ALEX: A not-so-nice place 

ASH: An unusual event - OSCAR: An unusual action 

CALLUM: A choice between 2 nice things - HENRY between 2 strange things 

JOSEPH & HANIA: A big problem (each)

JACOB & ORI:Something that solves big problems (each) 

WILL H A happy ending - WILL J A funny ending


4. We show & tell & lay them out


5. We make a story from the story structure template (from term 1) and make stories! Again and again! (20 mins)


1. Who is our story star?


2. Where’s home?


3. One day, [something unusual happened or was done]


4. In response, [the story star responded by…?]


5. But [things do not go as planned and something unexpected happens - a problem or a baddy]


6. So [to put it right, our story star reacts again]]


7. And so... [the result was that…? story’s gift / lesson comes from]

this is the story circle


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